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Protect your files

Norton Protect your Files
Computer security has never been more important than it is today. Since I use my computer for paying bills and personal accounting, in addition to standard word processing, I was very concerned with protecting my information. I researched several anti-virus companies to determine the best solution for my security problems, and by far Symantec Norton Anti-Virus was heads and tails above the rest.
First, it works seamlessly with all forms of Windows, including XP, Vista and Windows 7, meaning that Norton is compatible with whichever PC operating system you own. Next, Norton is reasonably priced. While there are several free virus protection software programs available to download through the internet, none of them provide all the features offered by Norton. From AVG to McAfee, Norton was heads and shoulders above the competition. With everything from cybercriminal protection to fixing and removing viruses, Norton has it all.
Additionally, the fraud feature works great for warning me of potential hazards associated with some websites. Nowadays many websites have pop-ups that resemble Windows menus. Norton flashes a warning for me of this potential threat prior to me downloading a potential virus. Along with these great features, Norton keeps my family safe. I'm a father of one child who seems to spend most of her lives on the computer, so parental controls are essential. Norton's parental controls allow me to trace where my child has been on the internet so I can be up to date on her searching habits.
Finally, Norton works great at the home and the office. While I have Norton installed on my home computers, my office also uses a Norton product. This competitively priced small business solution is different from my home Norton product. Here, the protection also covers web security for the cloud, which is the future of computing. Additionally, it offers back up data files in conjunction with Windows Small Business Server.
Even though Norton has all of these benefits, no program is perfect, which is why Norton offers 24-hour a day 7 days a week technical support. I have only had to use this feature once, for an error on my part, and found their customer service to be friendly and quite capable. Customer service did not transfer me all over the world just to get answers.
Overall, my experience with Norton has been positive. The installation was easy, it doesn't slow down my computing or web browsing and I like the security and the reputation of using Symantec Norton products. I'm interested to see this company progresses and if they will continue to raise the bar for computer security products.
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