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AVIRA for More security surfing

AVIRA for More security surfing

For a lot of people Avira might be an unknown name in the anti virus market. A lot of people will be more familiar with vendors such as Mcafee, Norton and Kaspersky. Whilst Avira haven't had the same kind of exposure on the market as these it doesn't mean for a second that their anti virus software is below par, quite the opposite in fact.
When using Avira you will instantly notice that they have adopted a simple but effective interface, instead of spending time creating a bloated user interface they have concentrated on developing a powerful and very effective anti virus program. What this means for the end user is you will have a light weight piece of software that will not hog system resources whilst at the same time offering a very high level of anti virus protection.
Program features - Unlike many other anti virus programs, Avira has a single engine to protect you against viruses, malware, spyware, online exploits, phishing and various other nastiest that can wreak havoc on your computer. By doing this it enables you to a have a single protection engine that covers you against everything. You can disable certain categories if you wish which gives you a bit of flexibility on what avira will look for. As with all other anti virus programs you get a built in update engine that will automatically update the definitions every day.
User Interface - The interface is very straight forward indeed and you can easily access all the menus and options you need to. With that being said, the initial 'home' screen offers you just the basic information you need to know such as whether your currently protected, whether your definitions are up to date and when the last full scan was run. There are baffling option menu's that will confuse you, just straight forward tick boxes to enable or disable certain features. The interface is clear, fast and very responsive.
Detection effectiveness - The one thing that stands out most about Avira is how effective it is against threats. I carried out several tests with infected files and Avira found many threats that others didn't, this includes the big name vendors such as Norton and Mcafee. Avira is especially effect against web exploits and quickly alerts you if it detects any malicious code in the sites you visit. Once a threat is found the operating system will be halted until you make a decision on what to do with the threat (delete, quarantine, ignore). There were many occasions where Avira saved my computer from getting infected where other anti virus software would have let them through.
Overall Avira is a fantastic light weight anti virus solution that will protect you against every category of threat. It will happily leave you alone to use your computer without constantly interrupting you will dialogs. Only if there is a threat or another problem such as an out of date virus database will you get notified. But the simple user interface and lack of user invention doesn't mean that Avira isn't effective. In my opinion it is capable of rivalling the big names in the anti virus industries and in some cases it is able to detect threats that they would ignore.
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