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Protect you files by singing in Mozy

Protect you files by signing in Mozy

Mozy featured by Times Online, Sunday Times and The Gadget Show is the online backup service for consumers and small businesses with more than 3 million customers, 70,000 business users and 70 petabytes of information stored. Mozy is secure, feature-rich, and affordable. Home computer users may sign up for 2 GB free with the MozyHome Free plan, or select larger 50 GB or 125 GB plans starting at £4.99/month. 

Mozy offers a number of backup solutions to fit your individual needs. For non-commercial backup of your personal files, including music, photos, home videos, and personal tax records, check out the simplicity of MozyHome.
If you have a business looking to back up business data, financials, and other important files for multiple users or servers, MozyPro is your best solution.

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