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Get Paid to Drive

Get Paid to Drive
If you are just getting into cars and are looking for a car you can tinker with, the best advice we can give you is to get a runner, whatever vehicle you decide on. The road to project car nirvana is littered with projects that have been abandoned. A guy sees a really nice car he would like to build up, say any of the classic Chevys. Or a 30s-era pickup. Or an old import. Whatever. But then, work or family or both come into the picture and a couple years pass. Pretty soon, you realize that you won't get to working on that dream project car anytime soon. Having a running project car makes it practical to use as a second car or even as your only car. You get to see and hear what needs be worked on, and adding aftermarket accessories to your car using it lets you enjoy the improvements you are doing to it. And, having something to look forward to is a really nice distraction from the hassles of work and life.
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